Media Storage

Russ Bassett offers a broad selection of storage products which include drawers in cabinets, open shelving and unique pull out vertical shelving drawers. These high-density and high-capacity storage products are designed for all types of media formats and can be tailored to each customer's specific media application. Russ Bassett provides the best storage solutions to keep your media neat and organized.

Classic Cabinets for media storage

Classic Cabinets

Cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes with either dedicated or adjustable drawer interiors. Drawer pulls are the classic recessed design with chrome frame.


Promedia Cabinets for media storage

Promedia Cabinets

Latest contemporary design is optimized for easy access and high capacity. Adjustable drawer interiors with patented Slide-N-Lock wire dividers provide maximum flexibility and capacity.

Audio/VideoData Media

Promedia Shelving for media storage

Promedia Shelving

Adjustable and dedicated shelving designed specifically for all types of Audio / Video and Data Media formats. The shallow footprint fits well along walls and in narrow corridors.

Audio/VideoData Media

Gemtrac for media storage


This unique pull out shelving design revolutionized media storage, providing high density and easy retrieval.

Audio/VideoData MediaMicrographics

Ractrac for media storage


Utilizing the proven Gemtrac drawer, Ractrac can be built multi-level for massive capacity requirements. The convertible design can also accommodate media transport containers.

Audio/VideoData MediaMicrographics

Rolltrac for media storage


With the same flexibility as Ractrac, Rolltrac drawers are floor supported eliminating the overhead tracks which provides access to area above. Perfect for 13’ - 15’ ceiling heights.

Audio/VideoData MediaMicrographics

Specifier for media storage

Specifier Lateral Files

With multiple heights and widths to choose from, designed with slotted inner panels and a wide variety drawer and accessory options you can specify these cabinets to meet your exact requirements.

Slimcase for media storage


The integrated locking tambour door rolls up to exposes the entire cabinet interior and neatly hides all when closed. The highly flexible interior makes Slimcase a storage solution that fits in anywhere.